The Company

Created in April 2018, RECIF Helicopteres SAS is the first helicopter company registered in the department of Mayotte.


Petite Terre

Access for flights departing from Petite Terre is located at the Pamandzi airport area, nearby the airport terminal (commercial flight):

Plus code (Google Maps): 57VM+5F Pamandzi, Mayotte

RECIF Helicopteres
Lot 14 Zone Aeroportuaire,
97615 Pamandzi  

0639 611 388 


Yasmine welcomes you from Wednesday to Sunday (from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00) in our new air-conditioned premises, on the airport site:




The RECIF Helicopteres fleet currently consists of a first Robinson R-44 Clipper II rotorcraft.

Maintenance (CAMO/Part-145)

From the start of its operations, RECIF Helicopteres will have approval for the management of continuing airworthiness (CAMO: FR.CAMO.0083) and maintenance (Part 145: FR.145.0759) of its fleet.

Flight Safety

Flight safety is RECIF Helicopteres’ top priority.

Within the European Union, public air transport is a regulated activity which must offer guarantees in terms of safety, and which can only be offered by a carrier meeting the appropriate requirements.

Only companies with an operating license and an air operator certificate (AOC) issued by the authorities of a Stat Member of the European Union are authorized to transport, for remuneration, passengers or goods by air. In Mayotte, it is the responsibility of the Indian Ocean Civil Aviation Security Department (DSAC-OI) to issue these authorizations.

RECIF Helicopteres is in the process of acquiring the following approvals:

  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC),
  • Operating License,
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (Part CAMO)
  • Aircraft maintenance (Part 145)
  • Specialized operations SPO (skydiving, aerial photography, …)

These documents will attest to the company’s ability to ensure safe flights.


Noise Abatement

The Robinson R44 noise level is certified in accordance with Chapter 11 of Volume 1 of Annex 16 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This regulation aims to prevent the increase in air traffic from leading, in the long term, to an increase in the nuisance suffered by local residents. To this end, it obliges aircraft manufacturers and operators to use the most efficient pollution reduction technologies, compatible with the requirements of safety and economic viability. It imposes constraints at different stages in the life of an aircraft: design, production, addition to a company’s fleet and operation.

Environmental Protection

For RECIF Helicopteres, the principle of carbon neutrality consists of striving to offset carbon emissions by carrying out projects in Mayotte for the development of renewable energies, restoration of forest cover, distribution of energy efficiency equipment, etc. Details to come.



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